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on Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wifi Proctector is one application of android which use to prevent who are tired of being kicked from the network by WifiKill . And for those, who are a little bit paranoid, because they know it's quite easy to read the Wifi traffic with tools like DroidSheep, ettercap, FaceNiff, Cain & Abel and others. All those tools use the same technique to prevent you from accessing the network or to sniff your data. You can defend yourself with a single app. From the definition, this android application very useful for  wireless hacker try to put out our ip address from using our self internet.

For those that are trying to your phone wifi network, Wifi Protector is a Android security app especially designed to detect and prevent ARP poisoning.

Download :
Free version Wifi Protector
Donate version Wifi Protector 

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