Sekali Lagi (2011) DVDRip

on Friday, July 15, 2011

So far, Arman believes that he is a people with autism. But reality will change in the blink of an eye, when his approaching wedding day. For reasons not known, Arman had a dream that told him not to continue the marriage with Farina. Arman and Farina relations have also been problematic. In fact, a misunderstanding, Farina had a fight with Arman and leave him alone on the streets. On the way home, the Arman is a victim of theft gang.

Fortunately, Amy, a small child who was there, shouting loudly, and thus forced to save Arman. Although Amy is only 5 years old children found that Arman was very smart and independent one, but more intelligent and independent than his own. Friendship developed between them, and Arman many share problems and experiences with Amy. Based on his experience, Amy gives many ideas and advice to Arman. When Arman expressed doubt  to continue the marriage, Amy suggested to Arman to ask a series of questions to Farina and his family.

Gradually, Farina and mother began to feel the change Arman Arman. At the same time, the mother of Amy itself, SHIELA, also feels the change in Amy. Amy seemed more cheerful than before. Shiela feel very grateful to Smith, the widower of a good heart, willing to care for Amy when Shiela went to work as a clerk at the loss of remembrance. In return, ah will help Haris washing dishes at the kiosk after his work. So far, Smith is absolutely fell in love at Shiela, but Shiela try to equivocate as he himself was confined in the history of an unknown black one, including Smith. Parents in the village of Haris, has been meeting for a wife the right to Smith. When she came to Smith to act in Kuala Lumpur, ah know that it was time for him to decide. Amy is like Haris and want Shiela agree only with the marriage. By his son, ah finally agreed to accept the proposal Haris. Everything should be fun, but, in the blink of an eye, as though living Shiela changed when he met Amy with Arman.


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